When deciding on fabric to make my own clothes, ex-designer deadstock fabric is usually high on my list. Deadstock fabrics are leftover from fashion designer’s collections and they either end up in landfill or sat in warehouses waiting to go to waste — not good. Ex-designer deadstock fabric is then not only a sustainable choice, but also a choice that means you can make your own clothes out of amazing quality fabrics!

I was an incredibly lucky lass and was gifted some beautiful ex-D&G cotton for my birthday from my boyfriend. It’s a punchy, true red with a hand-painted design of lemons, and the details of this fabric are just stunning:

(What can I say? I’m a sucker for lemon-print fabric!)

This gorgeous fabric is from the D&G Spring/Summer 16 collection of #Italiaislove. This collection drew its inspiration from 1950s southern Italy, and the sheer exuberant joy is palpable from the colours, textures and shapes of these clothes! It should come as no surprise that this is one of my all-time favourite fashion collections.

This fashion collection has really inspired me to make something just as joyful with my fabric! I’m currently leaning towards a wrap skirt with a flounce or a tie-front summer dress — decisions, decisions…
At the moment, I’m thinking either modifying View A of McCall’s 7950 to remove the button-front and insert an invisible zipper at the back, or shortening the length of View C of McCall’s 7606 marginally and extending the ruffle.

While I do really love this sundress pattern for summer, Emily’s version of the McCall’s skirt is simply divine and may skew my vote!

What do you think — summer dress or ruffle skirt? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Hi, I'm Rose - a novice sewist with a love for beautiful fabrics, vintage silhouettes and skirts with pockets!


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